Get the best AR experience.

Art direction and design for Augmented Reality.

what we do

We make AR look awesome.

We design and direct for Augmented Reality.
With us it’s not about coding, it’s about making it look awesome.

Social Filters

Funny lens filters are just a great addition to your brand campaign. Easy to like, awesome to share – on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

AR app

Augmented Reality app design & development* for in your pocket or at an event.

You can make your event booth awesome and interactive, your point of sale something to remember or add some AR magic to your business talk or pitch.

*We’re designers, not coders. Thats why everything more than basic app development will be done with top notch developers.

AR design partnerships

Unity, Spark, Cinema: we are here to help. 

We’ll team up with developers to think about design, provide assets and create that sweet looking app.


The TomTom interactive booth at IFA Berlin

With hundreds of booths, the IFA 2019 convention in Berlin is a hard place to get the consumer’s attention.

Teamed up with our technology partner we created an awesome interactive experience where visitors were guided through an AR experience. 

You’ll find the overview film here below

for Brand Marketing

Create true interactive content with the fun AR filters for Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Have your followers sing with your logo, dance around your product or celebrate your slogan.

for Social Media

How fast can you shake your head, blink or jump? Get a high score with an in-app AR game, share it on social media and win awesome prizes.

for Development teams

Even awesome developers often struggle with finding great designers to match their talented dev team.

We can team up with your squad to design your AR experience as you’d like.

For Event Managers

Let people experience new technology with beautiful content, connect it to your brand and have a conversation starter to get a strong connection.

For Sales people

Add extra fun and information where consumers interact with your product for the first time. Give your salesperson an extra tool to connect.

For Advertising

Scan your product in a new AR app (or integrate it in your existing app) to virtually add an extra layer of information.

Think of product details, a game or a cool animation that brings your product to life.

“I’ll be your contact for any new project, questions and during design &  development. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!”
Max van Gorkum
Owner & Designer
AR+ is an initiative of Make 'em Say, the Amsterdam-based 3D animation studio
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